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When anesthesia leaders need to recruit CRNAs for dedicated roles, they reach out to Accio Search Group.  We focus on permanent roles (no locums), nationwide.

Recruiting Nurse Anesthetists Nationwide

Your anesthesia group or practice is ready to expand, except for one daunting challenge – finding more CRNAs.

Nurse Anesthetist Recruiters

Urgent Open CRNA Roles

You recently had a nurse anesthetist put in notice or depart suddenly. Perhaps you’ve tried to backfill this position for some time without much success (it happens). This is where healthcare leaders and group owners often get in touch with Accio. Better yet, let’s have a conversation before this happens and build a bench today. 
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Maintain Trauma Center

Level 1 and Level 2 trauma centers are under more pressure than ever. You’re required to maintain staffing levels on the toughest shifts. Anesthesia staff are essential to these goals, yet CRNAs are among the most in demand professionals in healthcare. Accio can help you place full time CRNAs to serve your patients.
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End the Locums Shuffle

As a non-locums agency (placing permanent staff), we know you use a lot of locums tenens. You don’t know how it got so expansive, or when it started. These hires have landed under another bucket, but admin is starting to take notice. Plus, could care be better? We help teams like yours recruit staff CRNAs instead

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Tap our network of CRNAs passively looking to land in a permanent role. Let’s solve your pressing anesthesia hiring issues today.
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CRNA / Nurse Anesthetist Recruitment

The demand for CRNAs is exploding as practice authority expands. Whether you’re utilizing QZ model billing, 4:1, 3:1, or otherwise, ensure your anesthesia team is staffed for the future and place skilled nurse anesthetist providers with Accio Search Group.  If you’re a candidate, let’s find your next great role.

Accio Search Group, Inc. is one of the only recruitment firms with a dedicated practice in placing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists primarily in permanent roles. Contact us today to get started!

Recruiting a Chief CRNA or CRNA Director?
   – We recruit for these anesthesia leadership roles as well.

CRNA Recruiters for:

  • Anesthesia Groups, CRNA Groups
  • Specialty & Non-Specialty Clinics
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)
  • Pain Clinics and Ketamine Clinics
  • Healthcare Systems and Hospitals

Types of Nurse Anesthesia Roles:

  • Nurse Anesthetist Jobs
  • Permanent CRNA Jobs
  • Chief CRNA Roles
  • CRNA Director Roles

Why a Permanent CRNA Recruiter instead of Locums Tenens?

You’ve been using locums CRNAs for some time now. You don’t even know how it started, but admin is starting to notice the expense. Those agency costs could only accumulate in that other bucket for so long. Plus, the scheduling burdens & management debt are accumulating… also, could care be better?

Cost Effective

Locums fees are rising & OT adds up

Quality of Care

Cultivate care excellence on staff

Reduce Burnout

How many shifts are staff covering?

Management Burden

Relieve ongoing training, schedule pains

Staff Retention

Create a permanent culture

The CRNA Recruiter

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How to Recruit CRNAs in a Tight Market?

Every client wants to know – “How are you able to find candidates in THIS market??” As you know, posted ads on your website and job boards largely get ignored. 

The key to landing any tough role is persistence, outreach and a great network.

Accio has built an extensive network of passive candidate CRNAs throughout the country, interested in challenging and fulfilling roles. We find out who is tired of the locums shuffle and wants to switch to a permanent role, or uncover those who are ready to move to a new team or region.

Success takes targeted, creative outreach and phone time, and it doesn’t hurt to bring nearly 20 years of recruiting experience.

The Overwhelming Costs of a CRNA Shortfall

Every week that you are covering a CRNA staffing shortfall, your organization is not only losing patient revenue but potentially so much more.

A prolonged vacancy can decrease your quality of care (and ding HCAHPS scores) and reduce community access to care. Not to be forgotten is the likely psychic impact on your valuable existing staff.

All of these staff costs are incurred while also bearing the bottom line costs of overtime rates, locums and per diem contract fees.

Increase your CRNA Hiring Efficiency

Accio helps leading anesthesia groups (either CRNA or physician led), hospital care systems and independent practices to find experienced nurse anesthesia providers. We typically reduce your hiring window by at least 50% and make a great extension of your existing talent acquisition team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the recruiter?

Nurse Anesthetists should never pay a fee to a recruiter or CRNA agency, ever. The hiring organization is responsible for any costs associated with a recruiting firm.

What is the cost to hire a CRNA Recruiter?

There is no charge to begin a search with us. If there is a successful placement made, there is a placement reward provided by the employer, based on the first year base compensation. For certain types of searches, we may charge an engagement fee to begin a search assignment.  We do prefer exclusive arrangements.

These costs are typically equivalent to all of the internal talent acquisition costs associated with a tough search, but you only pay for a successful outcome. Also the price of our service is hardly a fraction of the cost of any unfulfilled anesthesia role on your team.

Why hire Dedicated CRNAs over Locums?

When you do the numbers and can no longer hide locums, per-diem and overtime costs in another organizational bucket, we can help you find an incredible permanent Nurse Anesthetist to join your team on staff.

While traveling has become more popular, there are many amazing CRNAs looking to “settle down” with a local facility, group or practice. Also, if you are currently looking for staff CRNA jobs, contact us to help place you at an ideal local organization to call your new home.

Do you post to Gaswork, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc..?

No, typically not. Clients engage us to access our network of certified registered nurse anesthetists and we reach out to them directly about their openings. In some cases, we will take a CRNA headhunter approach and market top candidates to target organizations, as well.

In rare cases, we are asked to also manage the job board posts for a client. In our experience, networking with passive CRNA candidates works better than job boards.

Are CRNA placements guaranteed?

We offer a standard 90 day guarantee, from the start date, for all of our placements. Our goal is to find the best fit for your team.

What are some resources for CRNA careers?

Below are links to organizations and resources for any CRNA looking to grow in this incredible profession.

AANA – American Assocation of Nurse Anesthetists
  – Certification Guide by State | Practice Authority by State

Local Chapters of the AANA (ex. MNANA – MN Chapter)

NBCRNA (National Board of Certification & Recertification)

Becker’s Anesthesia News | Anesthesiology News

GlassDoor – review employer profiles and ratings

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