Operations Recruiters in Minneapolis, MN

We are MN Recruiters who have built and hired great operations leadership and management talent and teams. Serving Minnesota and surrounding areas.

An Operations Recruitment team, led by a former tech C.O.O.

How do MN’s best companies land elite sales professionals?  The sales leaders that drive and lead growth? The account executives who develop and manage crucial accounts?

As you know, online job ads produce few true difference makers. Quota busting sales professionals are the least likely to be browsing the internet. These top reps are often ready for their next role, but can’t be engaged without networking and passive recruitment.

This has always been true in our careers as sales managers & corporate leaders, and as top sales recruiters in MN. Recruiting the best sales talent requires superior passive recruitment capabilities. We combine experience with leading search practices, to place the region’s best sales professionals in great organizations, ready to grow and prosper.

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Operations Recruiters in Minneapolis, MN

Our Operations Recruitment Network, based in Minnesota

We regularly connect with C.O.Os and operations managers throughout Minneapolis, the Twin Cities metro area and Greater Minnesota. When an organization requires a process leader, or more operational control, they call on Accio. We are the local operations recruiters, with ops experience.

We recruit primarily within corporate, industrial and B2B sales environments in industries from manufacturing to IT , healthcare, CPG and services.

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    Positions We Place as Minneapolis Operations Recruiters

    • Operations Manager
    • Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.)
    • Operations Specialist
    • Sales Operations
    • Technical Operations
    • Various Operations Roles

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    Operations Recruiting Contact:
    Corey Donovan, Executive Recruiter
    612-440-3020  |  [email protected]